An End in Sight

I am working through the last foot of the third of four Doctor Who themed scarves.  Thank goodness I get to change colors regularly, 12 feet is enough to drive anyone insane.  At least this one the customer wanted it six inches wide rather than the full foot which is making the process much faster but I still have just as many ends to weave in, yuck.


I have found that listing all my projects c an be a bit overwhelming but then if I take the time to plan it out it is much more doable.  Who knew planning ahead really does help (No one tell my husband I said that.)


I am still working on time management darn technology can be a friend and a foe.  Blogging and updating my status around the web can start out to be a quick task but boy I get lost in the interweb so easily.

I had better get back to the never ending scarf so I can start on my next project…SOCKS!!!!