Things I learned on my Recent trip out West. Part 1

trip01eI recently traveled out to Washington to visit my family in Forks and help out as my dad recovered from a knee replacement.  It was an adventure, full of driving back and forth to Seattle a few times, a surprise baby shower, the ocean, and nursing my dad and his knee.  During the actual “travel” part of the trip I gained some new knowledge that I am here to share with you.

trip01aWhen traveling on a plane I always bring a knitting project to work on when stuck on the airplane for hours.  This project is usually a simple one ball project since it lessens the chance that the balls will escape under the seat.  I had the perfect project, my husband gave me a new knitting book for Christmas, “Green Gable Knits”, and there was a great manly scarf that I was going to use my ball of Debbie Bliss Tweed to knit up for my hubby.  It was a good plan, right?  Well I haven’t worked with the yarn before and it is a sticky yarn, it grabs hold to itself and doesn’t want to let go and if you tug a little too hard on it the yarn with break.  Luckily the pattern hides the breaks and fixes nicely.  Oh and I keep the book with me until I had memorized the pattern, which was apparently before Texas.  I say that because I realized hours later that I forgot the book on the first plane in Dallas when I transferred to the second leg of my flight.

trip01cOn a similar note the chairs at the Dallas Airport are the most uncomfortable ones I have ever sat in.  I’ve had a bit of experience with airport chairs around the country, I get random layovers every time I fly coast to coast this was my first time in Dallas and I don’t want to do it again.  I’m not sure if they were so bad because I’m expecting but they were so painful I was looking forward to sitting on the plane after a hour in them.

trip01bSince I am pregnant I figured that a seat next to a bathroom would be essential.  It was.  I was able to get up and stretch and make the “quick” dash to the itty bitty bathroom.  My baby belly is really close to not fitting into the door of the mini restroom, but I made it work and I really do enjoy sitting in the back of the plane, the flight attendants were great about refilling my water and ice more than most.  One downside thing I did learn is that while it is nice sitting close for convenience the smells are still bathroom smells, thank goodness for my scarf.  It was getting to the point that I really wanted to switch, luckily…

trip01dThere was a stop in Albuquerque that I didn’t know about, it wasn’t a plane switch but it did unload most of the people. I was able to move forward enough to escape the bathroom smells and the flight to Seattle was going to be short enough that I should be able to avoid a dash.  I wish it was a longer layover in New Mexico I have family and friends in Albuquerque and did wave to them while we flew over.  Sometimes airports try to hard to be artistic or fit in to the culture of the city they are in but this one is perfect, I had no doubt that we were in the Southwest U.S.

trip01fOnce I arrived in Seattle I crashed at my brother and sister-in-law’s house and hung out with my nephew where I learned that it is never too early for your first knitting lesson.  Campbell is 15 months old and went straight to the large metal needles and started using them to make some music.  He is adorable and has a short attention span so the “music” didn’t last too long.  I will work with him a little more each time I see him and have knitting up sweaters by the time he is 10.  He also loved the yarn he kept stealing it and running away laughing.  I had a super soft ball that he was cuddling and kept touching, I know what he is getting for his birthday this year.

trip01iThe last lesson I learned while on the way to my parents’ home in Forks is that you are never too old to take a selfie with your little brother.


7 thoughts on “Things I learned on my Recent trip out West. Part 1

  1. What an interesting and lovely written piece. It was so fun to read about you. Your dad says you’re going to be a caring MOM because you took such good care of him. You make us smile, Your MandD

  2. Love this– love to travel, and these were great pics. I wish I knew how to knit! My husband does, and he has tried to teach me, but it definitely isn’t a natural talent of mine.

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