Survived Christmas

titlephotoEvery year around Thanksgiving I sit down with my nieces and talk with them about what winter hats they want.  This year I had them search through Pinterest and pick out something they liked.  Others in the family tend to get the girls the same thing for all three although they are different ages and very different personalities with varied likes.  Why would I knit something for them that they didn’t really want.  So this year this is what we got…photos were a bit delayed because I forgot to snap some on the big day.

xmashat01bC is 5 almost six and is the girliest of all girls.  xmashat01cShe found a hat that had a flower on the side and she instantly loved it but wanted the flower bigger.  The flower is huge! She loved it and said the flower was just big enough, I would hope so. I had to go back and tack it down in a few more places because it kept drooping to her shoulder, it might be a bit heavy.

xmashat01iS is 8 and has her own ideas about what fashion is.  She is all about comfort, the softer the better,  she won’t wear it if she is at all uncomfortable which has let to a few battles over clothing.  I made sure to use a super soft yarn for the cape and hood she asked for.  xmashat01gBulky to save my sanity and time.  I didn’t add a closure until we had tried it on to see where it should hit her.  While we were figuring it out her dad stepped in and said he will make a toggle out of some antler he has.  Works for me!  She had requested a lime green, it isn’t quite that but still a bright green and green enough for her to not take it off all night.

H has had the biggest fashion change over the last 12 months.  Last year she wanted and orange earflap hat with a mohawk (which I made much to my MIL’s dismay, it wasn’t lady like).  xmashat01fThis year she found this very classy hat that has a through back to the flappers of the 20s.  She picked out the colors, note the lack of pink and purple, there were pushes by others toward those but she held her ground with the brown and blue. xmashat01e I really like how this one turned out and will probably make one for myself at some point in the near future.  The only thing I will change is having the “row change” under the flap so you can’t see it.  I admit it isn’t obvious but I can see it, the blue band not lining up, and easily hid.

It was almost a close call for knit items this year, my sis-in-law did get an IOU for her half finished hat because of the wrist pain mentioned in an earlier post.  I went to the doctor and now have two braces to wear at night while I sleep, he told me to take it easy but that I could still knit daily.  It is a bummer but well worth it since the carpel tunnel is caused by the extra fluid my body is creating to care for the baby that will be arriving in May!  Oh you should see the list I have for baby things…

6 thoughts on “Survived Christmas

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a pattern that is originally written in French. It is called Comfortable and in the picture my daughter found on Pinterest it is blue with cables and buttons on the side ending in a hood at the top. In the discussion, your site comes up as a place to get the pattern in English. If this is true, please let me know as I would love to make this for my brand new granddaughter.

  2. Congratulations on the new baby’s arrival. I will be a first-time grandma in just a matter of days. I loved knitting for him. You will go crazy.

  3. These are some lucky nieces. What a cool aunt you are to let each young lady pick out what she likes. I like how the youngest is go big or go home. I really like that flapper hat. I love how you captured comfort for the middle one.

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