Baby Blanket Blues

bblanket12aA few weeks ago I made a wonderfully squishy baby blanket for a friend and her baby that is due in a month.  I was excited how it was turning out until I started having wrist pain. Eeeekkkk!!!!  I have a doctor appointment today to see what is going on and if it is serious.  I promise I haven’t been knitting more than normal and I am really smart with my hours of knitting.  I take breaks regularly and stretch my hands and wrists, why now?  Why when I am in the middle of the Christmas Rush does this start happening?

Here are a couple shots of the process of the blanket it is just a knit back and forth super easy and I love how the color blocking turns out.  It is similar to the pattern found at The Pearl Bee.  I adjusted the stitch number since I was using a bulky yarn and size 13 needles.  I once again forgot to get a picture of the finish project but I am promised a pic of it in use from the mama to be once the little guy arrives.

bblanket12cbblanket12dMy favorite activity to knit along with, Go Hawks!bblanket12e

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