Still on the Sticks, Rain Delay

I realized it has been quite awhile since I’ve done one of these “Still on the Sticks”, sorry about that.  So here is an update on what I’ve got going on the needles. 

My husband and I had been planning to attend the local arts festival along the creek in Downtown York but when we woke up it was drippy and my ankle was not in a happy place.  We scratched our original plan to visit our favorite cupcake place Sweet Escapes.  If you are anywhere near York you should visit Chris and enjoy the best cupcake you will ever taste.  The rain also made it possible for me to stay inside and get some knitting done, I have a few projects in progress and a few in line waiting to be cast on. 

sos08aThe Doctor Who Scarf more than half way done.  Every time I make one of these I promise myself that I will sew in the tails as I go and what do you know?  Every time I don’t.  I need to teach Zach how to do it, that might work, right?  This scarf has been moving right along but despite the speed I still feel like I’m working on the never ending project. 

sos08bThis leads to the second item, a hat!  I love hats, they make me feel like I’m accomplishing something.  They are my break project, and I am really liking this one.  I grabbed some neutral colors, brown and cream, from our local craft store the other day while out with a friend.  We are not a good influence on each other surrounded by yarn and fabric.  We didn’t do too much damage to our bank accounts, I got some fabric for redoing our kitchen chairs and yarn for the hats.  I am trying to build up some inventory for all the fall/winter shows. 

sos08cThis shawlette has been traveling around with me in one of my purses for way too long now.  I as so close to being done but it has been put on the back burner while working on orders.  I do take it with me to meetings and doctor appointments. It will get done eventually but don’t be surprised to see it on another Still on the Sticks.


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