Family Projects

log08bThis week has been a catching up on big projects kind of week.  I had a few days of real work and spent the free time working on the log cabin blanket I started a while ago.  It has moved away from doll size and now is fully in baby blanket size.  I am going to go until I run out of yarn, so I am thinking it will end up being lap size. log08a I reevaluate when that happens to see if I want to continue on and make it bigger.  Maybe it will be the kind of blanket that I add a few “logs” ever month or so, it wouldn’t be too hard to pick up now and then after casting off. 

While I was in Washington visiting family we took the opportunity to get family photos.  It was our first family photo in a long time, decades.  My dad retired and all the siblings and spouses were back (that hardly ever happens) so we jumped at the chance.  Here is the link to the photog’s blog, with some of the photos.  If you leave a message at the bottom she would really appreciate it. And I would to she said if we can get 35 comments we get a special gift.  Amber at Crave Photograpy was great and really put up with our craziness well, sarcasm is a second language for our family. 

I have a couple new projects floating around in my head I am going to need to do a stash dive to see what I have that will work.  I will keep you updated.

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