Yarn on a Plane

plane07j We had planned on leaving with plenty of time to get to the airport through DC traffic.  The thing is there wasn’t any, we arrived with 3 hours to spare.  Had a nice sit down breakfast and found the gate we thought we were suppose to be at.  Started reading and knitting. We were well distracted when we heard the announcement reminding passengers of flight xxx that their gate is no longer A7 but in the C terminal, you have 10 minutes. Good luck?!  We hurried but didn’t run since I am still nursing the sprained ankle.  We made it just as they were announcing that anyone not on the plane but the end of the announcement weren’t going to have a seat.  GRRRRRR, now I am hot, out of breath, and stuck on a small airplane for the first 2 hour leg of the trip

plane07hI had decided to make some mug cozies from leftover sock yarn since it didn’t take up too much room and they were simple enough that if I started to chat with the seat neighbors I could pick it right back up.  The first plane was a tight fit, I’m not sure where they put all the leg and face room but it was gone.  The seat in front of me was way to close for comfort, I felt really bad for the guy next to me who was well over 6 foot.

plane07gThe seat pocket was the perfect spot for my mini balls of leftover sock yarn.  I did almost have a runaway ball and if it hadn’t been a center pull I would have been meeting the people at the back of the plane all the way up to my seat.  I explained that a run away ball is a great way to meet people on a plane and entertainment for everyone else.  Mine stayed secure for the rest of the flights, we had two, changed to a larger and much roomier plane in Atlanta.

I know it probably doesn’t look like it but this is soooo much more room than the first plane, we were seated next to a guy about our age headed out to Seattle for a friend’s wedding, he was working on a book and was fun to chat with.  We gave him some pointers on places to visit and eat while in the area.  We warned him that after about 11:30/noon Pike’s Place is a Mad house and should be avoided if you treasure your sanity.

plane07e plane07f

plane07cThe second leg of the trip was 5 hours and about hour 3.5 I was tiered of working on mug cozies (although I am happy with how they are turning out, crazy stripes everywhere) and moved on to toddler hats.  I’m thinking that this blue one might be left in Seattle for my nephew this winter.  I am thinking it will fit he is growing super fast and is about 6 months ahead on the clothes sizes.  He’s 10 months and growing like a weed, I will be posting pictures.

plane07bAlmost finished the hat by the time we landed I’ll finish it in the next couple of days if we have any down time.  I love the center pull balls and will only be taking those on any future planes.  They stay in place and are at the right height.  I do need to get some more audio books to listen to along the way, I’ve tried reading and knitting at the same time, I am not coordinated enough.

Arrival, follow the salmon to your bags and rides home…


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