Weekend Without Internet

block07gThis weekend there was a bit of confusion between our internet provider, our modem, customer service and my husband.  After four days of no connection, alleged outages, many less than happy phone calls, we have a new modem and are once again connected to the World Wide Web.  While he was painting and drilling toys, I was knitting of course.  Wait you didn’t think I would do anything else did ya?  I have been working on a new scarf pattern got frustrated and then moved on to an new infinity scarf pattern which I finished.

block07eI have it posted on The Mad Knitter Shop with all the photos.  Although I am going to need to find a model so I can get some in action shots.  I feel bad asking someone to do it when it is hot and humid out, not really scarf weather.  I guess I could get one of the creepy heads from the beauty school out but they don’t have shoulders which you kind of need when wearing a scarf.  Maybe I can fit it in the suitcase and take some photos when we are in Seattle and Forks.

We are leaving for Washington state to visit family and celebrate my dad’s retirement and for my husband and I to be sealed in the LDS Temple in Seattle.  It will be a crazy busy trip but should be tons of fun, we are going to have a day to play in Edmonds, Seattle, we are going camping on the beach, setting off some left over fireworks, getting family photo session, and exchanging yarn with my mom.  I need to go through my stash and pick some stuff out for her, I have a few fun treats for her.  I might post them later but I don’t want her to get a look at them too early, maybe some teasers tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Weekend Without Internet

  1. Your plans sound so much fun. I love that deep purple with that grey. We are spoiled by today’s technology. I get all pissy if my phone is slow, LOL.

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