Attention Span

fuzzy07c  I was all excited to try out an idea for a new scarf and thought this deep purple would be great, especially since it is out of the stash and should knit up lovely.  On a side note I have been doing really well shopping from my stash, my hubby is loving it.  He is really going to love the fact that I’m going to bring a bag of yarn to my mom when we head out to Forks in a week.  My dad might not be quite as excited though.  I will distract him with giant soft pretzels and baked goods.

But I digress.  The pattern is working out nicely I like how different the front and back sides are and it is laying flat for now.  But the yarn is driving me crazy!!!

The yarn is super soft and light and the scarf from the front it looks a little ribbed and from the back it almost looks like scales.  Which I really like and might make the front.  I really like texture on projects that are knit with one color.  There is some variation with the purple but in no way is it self striping or anything.  The color change is very slight.

fuzzy07a fuzzy07b

It is a acrylic yarn single ply and is splitting constantly and is already fuzzing up. fuzzy07d Just from me winding it in a ball and knitting it (visualize me scowling.)  I can only imagine how it will look after it has been worn a few times.  I will need to remind whoever buys it to keep it away from a dryer and Velcro.   I have knit about 7 inches or so and don’t want to give up on it because it will eventually be a nice light weigh scarf, perfect for the fall.  I will just need to use a reward system to get it done.  6 inches of work wins me a ice cream cone kind of deal, along with finishing a hat here and there, that should keep me going.

I don’t really have the attention span for scarves, does anyone really?  I am thinking that if I mark where I start each sitting that I will be able to see the progress I make.  Measurable progress that is the key, fingers crossed.  Here is my current pile of in progress scarves, I did finish the “Amy Pond” scarf and will post pictures as soon as I get it blocked.  It is lovely and I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can show it off. fuzzy07e

5 thoughts on “Attention Span

  1. LOL. You are funny. Love how you’ll give away but will need to distract. When you say Forks, do you mean Forks, Washington?
    That is a terrific purple. I 💜 it. Sorry it’s quality is frustrating.

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