Rural Heritage Day

spin07bThis Saturday I somehow convinced Zach to come with me to a civilian outing at the Rural Heritage Day in Lewisburg, PA instead of heading to a military reenactment.  Now there were other things that led him to to going with the unit; family portraits, meetings at church, my sprained ankle.  I was not the only reason he wasn’t dressed as the 1st Sargent, I just want to make that clear to all in the unit that might read this.  Love you guys.

spin07aWhile I did sock demonstrations he talked about his hand made toys.  I just want to say now that once we do start having kids they are going to have some cool toys.  I spent the morning actually making some socks on the machine but has the number of people increased it was becoming really tricky to keep count of the rows.  I ended up just running waste yarn through to show people how it works and then I could let kids try it out without stressing on if the socks were going to be the same size. spin07i Zach was a hit with the kids and parents too, there were a couple of boys who kept coming back bringing new friends each time to see the game boards, boats and fishing poles.  Even the 10-year-old Mennonite boy thought 25.00 for one of his boats is a good deal, although he did say we was going to make one of the fishing poles himself this winter.

spin07eWe were set up on the porch of the old house, which was in the shade and had a breeze all day.  I don’t think I would have been in such a good mood if we had been down in the sun, it was a hot day and being close to the cold water inside and the air conditioning in the first half of the house was a wonderful bonus.  The historic society had us set up next to this lovely lady, Brenda, who was spinning and her husband, Jim, who was weaving.  It was a good day, we chatted and kept each other entertained while also trying out each others skills.

I LEARNED HOW TO SPIN!!!!!! I was keeping an eye on the wheel all day and coveting her hand spun yarn. spin07gHehe, she noticed and said she was going to give me my first spinning lesson.  Who am I to argue?  She first had me sit there and just treadle while having a conversation so that I would get to a point where I wasn’t thinking about it.  Then she gave me the roving… I love it!  Zach isn’t nearly as excited as I am.  He just sat there shaking is head saying we don’t have room, we don’t have room.  And honestly we don’t have room for a spinning wheel.

spin07f spin07d

I apparently was have timing issues which lead the yarn to not looking that pretty wound around the bobbin but it is spun and I did it! This is my first spun wool/llama.  We are calling artisan worsted, with a little bulky and if you look to closely you might find some lace.  It was soo much fun and I think I am hooked.  But we really don’t have room for a wheel so I am thinking a drop spindle.  Brenda said that would help me get the drafting down pretty quick which is good.  So any suggestions on a brand or style that would be good to start with?

3 thoughts on “Rural Heritage Day

  1. OOoh, I have always wanted to learn to spin, lucky you!

    Now, about space. Drop spindle seems like a good way to go, until you figure out a way to make the spinning part of your reenactment gig, then of course, you have room for it, right? I understand they do make small wheels for traveling, that fold up easily. So you MIGHT have room for it.

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