Salvation Army

This morning I got a call from my good friend and fellow yarn addict and I would like to relay the conversation to you all.

army06rMe: Hello

Tina: Hey are you in town, because if you are the Salvation Army downtown is having a craft sale with yarn everything is half off.

Me: Really? We are just headed out and will stop by there first.

Hang up.  Ring, Ring.

Tina: Are you coming, they have alpaca for 4.00.

Me: Each?

Tina: A bag!

Me: Will you grab some for me and hold it until I make it down there?

Tina:  Ha I already have a bag for you.  What’s your budget?

Me: Ha you’re funny!  We are leaving now.

So I get down there and they have an entire room of craft stuff, fabric, wood, patterns, really cool old sewing machines, and yarn, so much yarn.  I got bags and bags and Zach even found some stuff for himself.  So here is what I got for 64.00.

army06cCones, they had yarns on cones!!!!! Boxes and boxes and yes the prices are before they took half off.

army06d army06f

These are all lace weight and I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I will find something, I couldn’t just leave ’em there, 2.00 for each pile.

army06e army06g

Two dollars!!! All wool or wool blends, most superwash. hehehe


Sock Yarn most of them are half skeins, looks like they bought two and did two at a time socks, half left for me.

And now for the alpaca blends and baby alpaca yarns.

army06i army06j army06k army06l army06m army06n army06o army06p army06q

See he has his own pile of goodies although I have to admit mine is larger.  but he has more pieces.

army06a army06b

I want to total up what the cost of it all would have been if I had gotten it all in the store.  I am grateful to all the people who cleaned out their stashes so that I can increase mine.  I am sooooo excited, for the new yarn and the new projects, and oh I don’t know it is a good day.  It is a great addition to the stash, now I just need to find where I am going to keep it all.  Lucky for Zach this sale only happens once a year.  Thank you Tina Wagner for calling me this morning!



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