Finishing Up the Week


Despite having a two day migraine I was able to finish up some projects.  I am really wanting to start some new stuff but need to finish up my “Amy Pond” scarf, before picking out some new yarn.  I also have a socks to make but those will have to wait a week or so.  I will be spending next week being in charge of our Cub Scout Day camp.  I have a feeling I will either have no time for knitting or desparately need knitting time to decompress, so I guess both kind of work together.  I will let you know how that goes, until there here are the projects I finished this week.

Cable Fingerless Gloves

fin06a fin06b

Bow Hat (this doesn’t have a link I made it up and haven’t written out the pattern, it is still in my head)

fin06c fin06d

Baby Sophisticate    I did make adjustments to this my yarn was smaller than worsted and I used smaller needles so added stitches some places and stuck with the pattern suggested inches in others.  I might get around to translating my notes into a pattern but probably not since she has it for sell in the other sizes.  I love her pattern.  I just need to add the buttons and it will be ready to go.

fin06g fin06h  fin06e

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