I started the blue toddler sweater a couple days ago but yesterday it sat waiting all day. I volunteered to be the camp director for our Cub Scout day camp and is in a week and a half. Which means I did no knitting yesterday, so sad I know. I was very productive schedule finished, almost all the stations manned with volunteers, trip to D.C. planned, and spent half the day on the phone putting out fires.
I know computers are also used to make schedules and spreadsheets and lists but I just have to write it all out and color code it by hand first. I then transfer the final edition to electronic form to send it out. I get this trait from my mother, cut and paste yeah she actually cuts with scissors and tape sentences with paper copies until very recently. She has embraced “control x” now but still does a lot by hand.

I have a few more inches on the body and then will move on the sleeves and collar. This sweater was originally going to be for my 7-month old nephew but after talking with my sis-in-law he is already growing out of 12 month old stuff. Therefore this is my prototype and I will make a 24-month size one for him so he can wear for more than a week in the fall. It’s knitting up nice and quick so once camp is over I will start on his and I have a couple more pattern ideas to try out.

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