I spent this past weekend with family and knitting crowns.  I’m pretty sure I now count 1,2,3,5 from all the increases for the points of the crowns.  I don’t count the yarn over as 4 and just skip on over to 5.  Apparently I started counting out loud and Zach started to look at me funny.  Well it made sense to me.

I do a similar thing when doing lace work or a repeating pattern,  I will create a rhythm in my head that I can follow and remember so that I don’t have to depend on the written pattern.  Usually I don’t share them out loud and I usually forget them once done with project.  Am I the only one that does this…?

The order was for two gold crowns for 4-year-olds, one purple one for a 21-year-old daughter and one of another color of my choice.  So black it was…

spring06c  spring06n spring06g spring06d

Oh and have I mentioned I love Pennsylvania in the Spring.  The humidity isn’t too bad and once the sun starts to go down it is absoulutely lovely.  I foresee many more evening drives/walks in our future.


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