spec06dI take my knitting with me everywhere, even to family dinners.  I love that I can just sit back and knit just watching what is happening around me.  I am a watcher, I can sit at an airport or a park for hours contently just watching people and their interactions.  Spending my time wondering what they are thinking, where they are going, how will they react to a situation, I really enjoy it.  And if I look busy knitting people tend not to notice me watching them.  It can be a little awkward when the stranger across the way sees that I’m staring at them.  Luckily there is always family to spectate.

After a great dinner of Pennsylvania PotPie we played some games outside, ate some strawberry shortcake, with whipcream of course, as the night went on we all headed indoors and started to wind down, kindof.  My nieces sat with their “pap” reading a funny book their cousin wrote, he is three, my husband and his brother were goofing around looking through photos ospec06bf their dad and step mom’s recent month long cruise.  And me well I was sitting back working on a pair of cable gloves just watching.  It was a great night of interaction and talking. The girl’s last day of school was today so they were busy planning their summer of sleeping in and swimming.  I’m planning on taking them to a cupcake decorating class next week.  The “boys” talked about work, and how tiered they are dealing with people.  Paps and Nan shared all their adventures from the 21 days on a ship.  I would add a comment here and there but mostly just listened and was grateful that I get to be a part of this group.

The only way being an outside spectator works fully is if they don’t notice you taking their pictures.  I was caught in the act.


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