Celtic Knot

celtic06aSaturday we are celebrating my husband’s uncle’s birthday, he is a huge Penn State fan and will be traveling to Ireland in a couple months to watch the football teams opening game in Dublin.  I know I don’t understand why it is over there either but hey it gives them an extra reason to visit.  Zach, my hubby, suggested/asked that I make a Penn State hat for him and I agreed that would be a great idea.  The only issue was that I didn’t want to do the same old stripped hat that I do with team colors.  I didn’t want to get to elaborate since I don’t think he wears beanies much and something wild and crazy will push him away from the idea.celtic06f

I look to Ravelry of course love that site.  I found a couple different versions out there of piece work, it frightens me so I wanted to stay simple.  I decided on the Celtic Knot Work Hat.  I was able to follow the graph just fine.  Although the size is completely wrong, I added 20 stitches to increase it to an adult size.  It didn’t work and will now be available at The Mad Knitter Shop in a couple days.  celtic06eI used Cascade 220 Superwash and a size 5 needle I will just have to add some more inches for another one tomorrow.

Until then enjoy the photos.





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