Church Gift


A friend from church works with a charity that makes hats for local kids who need them and when ever they run into a skein of sock yarn she passes it on to me and I give them some worsted weight in return.  Her husband wishes I would just take the yarn and mine wishes I would give her two skeins in return.  They need to start a support group.  We made that exchange today and then I was surprised by a second knitting gift.

church06aAnother woman came up at the start of the women’s class and said her son-in-law was cleaning out his grandmothers home and found some unfinished socks.  She knows I knit and thought I might be able to do something with them.  They are in a state that I can appreciate.  Whoever was knitting them ran out of yarn! and couldn’t finish the last couple of inches of the second sock.  I laughed as she handed them to me and she didn’t quite understand, I have a few projects in similar states, just waiting for a few more yards to get finished.  There is no way I am going to find the same yarn they used, it is wool I can tell that much.

church06cMy plan with these is to rip out the toe of the first sock and make the toes a different color so the pair matches.  I couldn’t quite get the color of the photos to work, while taking them and also in Photoshop.  The socks are Christmas Green and I am tempted to make the toes a nice Santa red to really embrace the holidays.  As you can see in the photos the needles didn’t survive, wooden #1 from what I can tell.  None of the stitches have dropped and started to run so that is a plus, I will finish them up and either give them back to the woman or give them to my husband for his new job.

church06dI had no idea that the green sock lady knew I knit and I am by no means the only one in my ward to knit, but word gets out and I am grateful for that.  I have had some great conversations with people saying they wish they could do what I can, and I let them know that I admire what they are able to do as well.  I always offer to teach people, there response is “oh I wouldn’t be able to do it like you”, well I’ve been knitting for 15 years and have a bit of practice.  I should have kept some of my early projects just to show people where I started and that mistakes are a part of learning.

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