Memorial Day Event

Sorry, I fully intended to get this up on Tuesday but a good friend who was moving called for help.  She had people coming over to help load up the moving truck and didn’t have everything in boxes and needed to take her baby in for shots.  I went over to babysit and stayed most of the day to help pack and then borrowed her girls for a couple hours so they wouldn’t be underfoot while everyone was emptying the house.

It was a long busy day, they hit the road this morning, and I now have a few moments to give you a run down of our memorial day weekend.  We were at a Brown’s Orchard Sat/Sun/Monday for a living history event, it was a beautiful weekend and it was close enough to home that we could sleep in our bed at night.  Although with the weather it would have been a good couple of nights for camping.


We had a good crowd for the whole weekend and really appreciated all our friends from church who came on Monday. We would have been really bored if they hadn’t arrived.



I did bring my sock machine along for demos and to get orders done. I will have a post just for the machine in the near future.



I am able to do heels and toes on the machine, and spectators always come along while I’m working on them. Luckily I didn’t mess any up. I didn’t use the ribber because I didn’t want to loose all my hooks, now I have four pairs that need ribbed cuffs.



The best part of Civil War reenacting knitting is knitting in the grass with bare feet. I don’t think it is completely period correct but around camp shoes don’t stay on my feet for very long.



We have done this event for the past couple of years and each time Saturday night has a thunderstorm and Zach and I watch it roll in as we are driving back to our home. We always call and let those camping that it is on its way, and we do help pack everything away before leaving them.



I do make sure to bring knitting projects along so that when I get tiered of the sock machine I can relax. The Amy Pond scarf and the chevron scarf made an appearance this weekend I added a couple of inches to both. I usually save them for after all the spectators head home.



It was a great Memorial Day and I love sharing the history of the war as well as knitting.

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