Pretty in Pink


pink05eYesterday I was a bit grumpy, I had been working on the Amy Pond scarf but couldn’t shake the grumpiness.  I got into the wander around the house mode to try and figure out what I could do to kick start a good mood.  In wandering around the  the yarn storage room, also known as our second bedroom, I found this leftover wool from a project a few months ago.

I’ve been wanting to try to do a chevron pattern for a while now.  Early on in my knitting history I attempted a chevron blanket and it was a disaster, bit off more than I could chew. It was a strange combination of slants and straights and in a good way.  My mom tried to help but she hadn’t done the pattern before either so it was the blind leading the blind.  I pulled it out and moved on and forgot about it.

Luckily my skills in reading patterns and knitting have improved and nothing like a new project to lighten the mood.  It is going much smoother, well chevrony.  It will give me a nice relief from having to remember patterns and counting stitches and I’ll have a nice scarf at the end.

pink05f  pink05a

I had better finish some of these projects soon or my house will be over run by half finished scarves.

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