Still on the Sticks Values

sos05eI’m working on some new patterns for a set of hats.  I’m still trying to decide what styles are going to work for the other three, but these are the first two.  I hope you enjoy.

This gray one is going to be a simple modest slouch hat.  I’m using a nice gray wool/cashmere blend it is super soft and a DK weight, give or take.  It is turning out a bit stiffer than I would like so I’m hoping when I’m done I can soften it up.  Otherwise I’ll just use a larger needle for the next ones.  The brim is started with a smaller needle for a couple inches to keep things secured while on the head.

sos05b  sos05d

This yellow hat is going to have a “hippie” feel and have some long ear flappy things.  I know that isn’t a very good description but That is about all I can come up with at this point.  I haven’t decided if I want to put tassels on the ends but that will need to wait since I have once again run out of yarn.  So off to the yarn shop tomorrow to restock.  I started this hat by knitting back and fourth straight and then after the decreases going into knitting in the round.


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