Tickling the Toes

socks05dI have moved around many many times in my life.  My time in Pennsylvania has been the longest I’ve lived anywhere since High School, I’m going on 7 years.  I have made many of friends and we are spread all over the country, yesterday I was able to spend the day with one of those great friends.  She flew into Washington D.C. for a conference and I picked her up at the airport and we spend the day having girl time, pedicure included. socks05eShe will probably kill me for posting this pic of here but I can’t help it, she is very ticklish and trying so hard to stay in control.  I should mention that she flew in on the red eye and had taken some meds to help her not be sick on the flight.  She did not have a good reaction to it and was very “hungover” for lack of a better term.  We had a great time and I left her at her hotel about to drop into a deep sleep.  I miss all my friends around the country and the world, I am thankful for all the great people I have met in my life.

Now on to knitting, I have a bag o’ sock yarn to dig into.  Don’t these yarns just make you drool.  I was planning on making them on my machine but with yarn so nice, I might need to knit at least one by hand.

socks05b socks05fsocks05c

I’ve had this yarn since before Christmas and am starting to feel very guilty for not making these yet.  They are for the owner of our local yarn shop, well her husband actually.  She figured since I had the machine she would have no problem paying me to make them quick so that she can focus on some other projects.  I will be doing these this weekend.  Mostly because I can’t show my face in the shop until I get them done.  I am such a procrastinator!  She keeps telling me not to worry about it, take my time, fit it in when I can.  All these phrases are just ways to give me permission to procrastinate.  Do you have any projects you are procrastinating doing?


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