Big Blue Bulky Ball

BBB01aI have had this ball of bulky wool in my stash for a while now and didn’t have anything in mind for it.  I used another color to make up some felting purses but after a show this past weekend I realized I have no more hats for men. Yikes!  I love this skein, you can knit for days and the ball just grows.  I don’t remember off the top of my head which yarn it is or how many yards it includes, it is from my local yarn shop so it is more than likely Cascade.



The color is a lovely gray blue that none of these photos got quite right, the shot with the hat on the needles is the closest.  I used one of my favorite “patterns” for the cable hat.  I put “” around pattern because I haven’t actually put the pattern down it is in my head and so each one is a little different.  One of these days I will need to jot it down,  I can never remember how many rows to do between each cable row.  I’m sure there is a rule of thumb but I like working on the fly.


The second hat is Barley which can be found on Ravelry.  It is quick and easy to adjust for a variety of sizes.  I love the colors they show on the pattern, I’m going to need to look into tracking down some of the yarn they used.  The pattern has been giving me some ideas about combinations that I want to try out.  I love experimenting with hats.  But no, wait I need to work my way farther through my stash before I can buy some more.  I never should have made that promise.  It is a good carrot.

BBB05gBut look how much of the ball is left after making two large hats!  The skeins are enormous!  Big smiles all around.  Now I wonder if I have enough to make up a scarf, what qualifies it to be a man’s scarf?

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