All Tied Up

I am addicted to reading, when I’m sitting with a good book I get nothing accomplished.  No knitting, no cleaning, no blogging, eating even drops down the list of priorities.  That is my excuse this week I found not only a fun book but a fun series, so there have been many days of just reading.

boys05bBut before I borrowed the books from a 13-year-old boy, I was teaching some 10-year-old boys how to arm knit.  Zach and I are Webelos leaders and love love love it!  I decided that the boys could learn how to arm knit and make a scarf for their moms for Mother’s Day this weekend.  It was an adventure.

After about 10 minutes of assuring them it is just a girl thing, and that they are totally able to do this and their mom’s will love it, they dug in deep and went for it.  There was a variety of successes, all the boys had looks of concern when they realized the process make them look like they were wearing sparkly hand cuffs.  We have three boys, luckily, any more and I would have needed another set of teaching hands.  I was very proud of them for giving it a try, one even wanted the extra skein so that he could make one for his grandma at home.  Yep I pass on my addictions where ever I go.

boys05e  boys05a  boys05c boys05d  boys05f


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