Knitting Bucket List

Bucket lists are a big thing these days and since everyone has one for everything in their life I figured I should have one for the knitting part of my life.  The requirements I have for my list is they need to well interest me, something I want to make.  And they need to stretch me out of my comfort level, not too much but enough to be a challenge.  I want to learn something new with each of these projects, stitches, sizing, tension, patterns, ect.

First the disclaimer, I did not take these photos nor knit these items, they are my bucket list and I have not received anything to post these projects and their links.  That being said if anyone wants to do a knit along with me let me know.

The Sugar Maple Cardiganbucket05a because I love sweaters and am terrified of color work.


New Girl bucket05bskirt, because it is fun and flirty and I actual clothing is a whole new world.





Topiarybucket05c because doesn’t it look comfy and I will learn to love charts.







The One and Only Morehouse Alligator Scarf because well look at it every kid you know wants one I bet.







Evenstar Shawl, because it is gorgeous and it will take the rest of my life to finish so I should start soon.


Peggy Suebucket05f, because it is a simple sweater to help me get over my fear of clothing and I could wear it with everything.


Capuchonbucket05g, because I have promised my niece that I would make her a super soft cape that she can snuggle in after baths.  And well I can’t say no to those girls.



bucket05hFiddlehead Mittens, because remember my fear of color work? Yeah these should push me past that dontcha think?

Hugobucket05i, because I love my husband that much.  Hopefully I will by the end of sewing up all the seams.



Dbucket05joctor Who, because yes I am a nerd and proud of it!


What would you put on your bucket list?  Feel free to leave a link in the comment section I love to see what others are working on.


7 thoughts on “Knitting Bucket List

  1. Ooh, I like that skirt pattern. I will have to fave that. Hmmm…my bucket list? Breaking in that drop spindle for sure. A sweater to layer with. A slouchy cardigan; well, this has been barely started with me projects getting sidelined because of PTA stuff.

  2. I would have to think a while on my knitting bucket list. I would like to get back to clothing (sweaters in particular) but have avoided them because I keep winding up with things that don’t fit. (I have one set of yarn I keep knitting into a sweater and then ripping out… Someday it will become something and stay that way!).

    Had to leave a comment because I think your list is great, and because I didn’t know you could get a pattern to make all the Doctors! How cute is that! Good luck with your knitting!

    • Thanks, I love haven’t list to do things It keeps me interested and crossing stuff off is so much fun. My husband paints wooden dolls and he is going to a set of Doctors, he has requested a mini version of the 4th’s scarf. I’m thinking about using embroidery thread.

      • I love lists, too. They are inspiring! And I’m finding writing down what I want to do makes it much more likely that some things (the fun ones, anyway) will get done. 🙂

        You should definitely knit a scarf for the mini Doctor. That sounds totally fun.

        Have you seen the tiny knitting done for the movie Coraline? It was claymation I think, only the knit stuff was really knit using sewing pins or just thin wires, and thread. Totally cool.

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