Still on the Sticks Sets

I of course still have crowns on the sticks, I’m slowly increasing the stash of those for a show next weekend.  There will be a few more of those coming along this week.  I’m also counting this set of baby hat and gloves as still on the sticks since I haven’t sewed in the ends.  I am really happy with how these turned out, although I am not sure about the size of the mittens.  I am going to bring them to church tomorrow to see if I can find a baby to try them on.  This set is a baby blue with navy details, although they are looking a little purple in the photo, just think of the fun color combinations that can be created for this “first winter” set.  That’s what I think I’m going to call it.  The best part of the baby mittens, no thumbs, I wonder if I can get away with that for adult sizes?

sosmay05a  sosmay05c

The details on the hat and mittens has been my experiment stitch.  I was unsure which would look the best and since I really suck at carrying along yarn I tried some new things with slipped stitches and knit below.  Here are the three options that are on the top.

sosmay05dThis stitch pattern is a slip stitch with the yarn in the back, it lays nice and flat and is fairly stretchy.


This pattern is a slip stitch but with the yarn in the front.  It adds a horizontal line along the front along with the “v”, creating a pattern that you don’t see very much.


Last but not least this is stitch pattern that includes the knit below.  This one is my favorite, it is very stretchy.  This doesn’t lay completely flat with the extra yarn from the “dropped” stitch, adding some texture and some thickness around the band.

What do you think? Which one would you use?

8 thoughts on “Still on the Sticks Sets

  1. And here I thought you did color work. What a neat alternative. I like the blue outcome more.
    I have knitted a few stranded projects. I have found making sure the left side of the to-be-knitted fabric should be stretched out before getting knitted. This creates good floats.

    • I’ve done a couple projects that included color work but nothing that did include alot of swearing. I made 5 xmas stockings for a lady last year that had a santa on them. I got through half a Santa before deciding to wrangle my mother into stitching the rest of them on after I finished the stocking.

      • Mums are great for back up. I’ve had mine do some handsewing for me, LOL. Oh and I got it wrong. Right needle fabric should be flat to make good floats.

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