April Floods…May Flowers

flower05eThe last days of April were full of showers and resulting in some flooding in Central PA.  I’ve been happy with the weather and unlike many out here don’t get depressed with the rain.  I feel that growing up in a rainforest might have something to do with that.  Rain is not as bad as everyone thinks it makes things green and colorful and can keep the pollen count down.  So in honor of the blue sky on the first day of May and as a thanks for the rain of April here are some colorful flowers in my collection.

flower05a  flower05c flower05d

flower05bAlso yesterday morning I remember suddenly that I had a baby shower to go to in less than 10 hours, what is a girl to do who doesn’t really want to go hit up all the baby stores?  Knit of course!!! I raided my show boxes for a newborn size bow headband and a turban hat and then knit up this pink and gray stripe hat.  Newborn sizes go so fast and she is going to need some lightweight beanies even if it is Spring.  I think I might have enough left in the leftover balls to make up another one I might add another color stripe just to make sure I can finish up the hat.  One of the women there who has four kids and not looking to have more said she is tempted to get pregnant just so I can knit her some stuff.  I assured her that she could just let me know and I can take care of the knitting, pregnancy not required.


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