Still on the sticks Continuing

This weeks edition of Still on the Sticks in a continuation of the same projects I’ve been working on but have made progress on and will hopefully be off the sticks next week.  This week has gone by super fast I’m not quite sure why, a combination of working a couple days, knitting alot and being sick.  I did finish up a handful of crowns and a baby flower hat that I will post on later this week so until there here is what I got.

sosapr03b sosapr03a

This slouch hat is coming along and would be moving much faster if I hadn’t run out of yarn,  I was able to find a few more yards in my leftovers.  Not enough to finish so I will take a trip to the craft store on Monday to see if they’ve had a shipment of yarn in.  I am really liking the colors, stripes and lightness of the hat it will be a good one for what is left of the Spring cooler evenings.

sosapr03d sosapr03c

My “Amy Pond” scarf is coming along swimingly.  I have the pattern repeat down and that is speeding things up since I don’t have to keep looking at the pattern.  The yarn is a BRIGHT red, I was a little unsure at the start but it is growing on me.  Let’s see how I feel about it when I get a few more feet on it.


yarn04fOh and I have decided on doing the leg warmers for the next Through the Books.  I am going to use my own colors and do them in a baby size, to help protect all the legs of those learning how to crawl.

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