Calling All Royalty

crown04aI’ve got a bit crown crazy the past couple of days, the pile is growing.  I hadn’t restocked my supply after the holiday shows and needed to add some new sizes and colors. These are a favorite at the shop as well, birthdays and such, I even sent out a couple for Easter.  I like to have some on hand for the ASAP orders that usually come in right as I’m headed out to a weekend of reenacting away from all technology.

crown04bThis are so quick to knit up and are a great way to get rid of the left over yardage from all my skeins.  I usually use a acrylic since this are usually purchased for children and need to be easy to care for.  I have a wide variety of colors in my stash that I can pull from and as the pile of finished crowns grow Zach is happy to see the stash decrease.  Even if the pile is on the coffee table in the living room.

I found tons of patterns for crowns on the web and fell in love with Circlet by Dani Sunshine from Ravelry.  It is just increases and bind offs, super simple, just make sure you don’t pull too tight when making the bobbles.  Zach is off backpacking for the weekend so tomorrow I’ll go see if I can track down some fun jewel like beads that can be added to the tips where the bobbles are, I have been told that bling is always a good thing.  I am trying to choose some colors for the princes out there other than the yellow/gold.  It’s not that I don’t like the gold but they deserves some variety as well.  I have some camo yarn… King of the Woods?




3 thoughts on “Calling All Royalty

  1. These are great! Such a good idea for birthday parties. And a nice keepsake to remember the day too! I’m definitely knitting a few up to cut down on my stash! Do you think it would be easy for kids to knit who are just beginning to knit? I assume there are decreases that might be a little tricky for them at first.

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