Knitting with Leaders

I really love my job, I work for Leadership York, we have programs that teach individuals how to be effective leaders in their community.  There are programs for high schoolers all the way up to CEOs, last night’s session was for people learning how to be a volunteer in leadership positions, aka board members.  view04aI as you know always bring my knitting with me, people are beginning to expect it now, the teenagers I work with check in with me at each session to see what I’m working on.  Last night it was the start of a flower hat, I got a few looks from some people, none of them my bosses so I was good.  And at the end of the mock board meeting a few people came up to talk to me about the project and how nice knitting is to keep you hands busy while leaving your mind open to participate.  I was glad someone got it.

Working with a non-profit that’s goal is to teach people about the community we live in and how they can be leaders in that community has been great. I have learned more about York in the past 6 months that in the past 6 years, I’ve meet wonderful people and great programs, businesses, and boards that are working hard to improve the world they live in.  I am honored to have been asked to be a part of the processes.  During one of the events we held for the high school kids I was approached by a woman on our board and another volunteer asking if I would be interested in being on the junior board for the YWCA.  I was blown away that they even thought of me and obviously said yes, I will take any opportunity to help my community grow.

I could go on about how important it is to be a part of your community and how rewarding it is to help grow the world around you.  I will just share that I know that the only way to improve the “bad” areas is to get involved, not to avoid them.  It can take time but look what it can do.



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