Dontcha Just Hate It When That Happens

For the first time in, well let’s just say it has been a long time, I actually did a swatch for a hat I was going to start with some sock yarn that I’ve had in my stash for awhile.pink04a  I’ve started a couple times with it never really liking what was happening so I would frog it and place it back in the stash.  The point is that have the skein was wrapped around the nicely wound part that it is in when it leaves the store in. This detail will be important later in this sad story.  The swatch was a great idea because I did end up needing to switch to a smaller set of needles, I knit loosely, who knew?!  I should take the time to do more swatches, it would save me time in the long run.  Eh I like to live dangerously.

pink04bWith the nice pink, navy, maroon yarn, I’m doing the Sockhead Hat on Ravelry, it has a super huge ribbed band at the bottom, so that the hat can be slouchy or fold it up and it becomes a tighter beanie.  I love using the self striping yarn, I have plenty in my stash.  A friend from church traded me some for worsted weight, she doesn’t make hats with the lighter weight yarn and I do, or I can use it on my sock machine.  Either way it was a good trade and both were happy, and my husband was happy when he saw me packing up a bag of my yarn but not so much when he noticed I was bringing one back.

So I was sitting watching baseball last night not paying attention to the ball of yarn sitting next to me ( it was a close game) when all of a sudden this happens! pink04d My ball is gone, I have no more, and the hat is so not done.  What is a girl to do?!  I picked up this particular yarn from the craft store and it is a pretty common one that they usually have a stash so I figured I’ll pick up another one today.  Nope, they are out, darn yarn sales…wait, no, I like yarn sales.  All I can figure that happened is that I must have made a smaller project with the yarn, not remembered, and then put it back in the full skein part of my stash.  The label says I should have enough for the pattern, so that is what must have happened.  I hope who ever got that finished item loves it.  So now I have to wait until the store restocks because I refuse to pay shipping on one skein.

Until then I will keep myself busy making crowns…


2 thoughts on “Dontcha Just Hate It When That Happens

  1. Elizabeth, just pick out anotHEr new , from your oddments,color or two that look good with the established colors and knit on. Oh, to wild and crazy for you, no no it will look great and you will feel like a genius…i hope.

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