Today’s Yarns

yarn04aThe next book on my shelf that I finally have time to try a pattern out of is this one “Quick Knits with Today’s Yarns”.  Now the term today’s yarn is completely relative.  Looking through the pages most of the patterns are quick and easy as stated on the cover, but the yarn is all novelty yarn, which personal I don’t usually work with.  Honestly most of the time it drives me nuts and will only use that yarn as a minor accent on a larger project. I do not judge those who do buy it and love to work with it I just don’t.

I did double check the publishing date to see what era these patterns were stylish in and was 2005 really that long ago?  I was thinking at least the 1990s but nope see the date 2005.  Pretty sure I wasn’t wearing these in 2005 as a stylish college student, and trust me I was styling in my jeans and sweatshirts.  yarn04dI had early classes don’t judge you know you did it too.  I did do due diligence and checked out the website on the back to see what the author as been up to and it redirected me to “It’s a Rubber Duckie World” which as far as I can figure is the author’s stepdaughter’s page where I haven’t quite figured out what she does but it involved rubber duckies.  Feel free to Google, but make sure to come back here to finish reading this post.

Now to the important stuff, I thought I would get your opinion on what project I should do next.  Here are a couple shots of was found withing the covers of this find (I think I bought it at a friends of the Library sale?)  Please let me know which one you would like me to knit up, keep in mind it will be this months give-a-way.




Leave a comment and let me know.  Now that I think about it this could be a personality test I can use to see what all of you are like.

One thought on “Today’s Yarns

  1. I’m thinking legwarmers. Not that they would need to be used as leg warmers. If they’re not too loose, they make a great second layer inside boots. most especially if we have another winter like we’ve just had! : )

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