Some where along Route 15 on the way to Virginia.

This past weekend we took a road trip down to Appomattox, VA for an Civil War Reenactment, we have gone down the past couple of years to this event, in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the surrender next year.  It was a great drive avoided the interstate on the way down and just followed a highway that went through small towns and the country side.  I had a great time, the friends in the second car in our caravan were not as entertained and just wanted to get there.  Too bad they couldn’t read a map and didn’t have directions.  Hehehe.

CW04hI am once again rushing to get a Doctor Who scarf done, I always have one on the needles these days.  Not complaining just stating.  Having a 12 foot scarf to work on was nice since I didn’t need to pack multiple projects to keep me busy during the battles. We lucked out with out camp location, I could see the battle from under the fly at camp, which means I didn’t have to hike up and down a few of the rolling hills they have down in Virginia.  Yes that is smoke from the cannon at the top of the photo.

Here are a couple more shots from the weekend…


Yep that’s me decked out in dress knitting outside the wall tent. Zach didn’t tell me when he was taking the pictures so I could look up.



Please ignore the orange fingernail polish I ran out of time packing and leaving.



I spent most of the day trying to hide from the sun but eventually it caught up to me and I had to switch sides of the tent. Even in the sun, the breeze kept it cool but I looked a bit less authentic with sunglasses on.


Breakfast is my favorite time of the day, the spectators haven’t arrived so our fashion can vary a few hundred years. But we have the best cook and we all love it when she makes Mountain Man Breakfast.


Knitting in camp during the last battle where the Union won despite being out numbered 10 to 1. They were following history but it can be hard to get the boys in blue to drive 6 hours for the weekend.

On the way home we did end up taking the Interstate, cut about 2 hours of our drive time but not nearly as interesting of a drive.  We had to stop for some encouragement (ice cream) to keep ourselves awake we did have the windows down too, enjoying the 80 degree weather. I love having the windows down.  It was a good end to a fun weekend and I am 3/4 of the way through the scarf.  CW04aSmiles all around.

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