Still on the Sticks Spring

I missed last Saturday because I picked up the flu somewhere, still haven’t tracked down from where but really it doesn’t matter.  I’ve been busy this week catching up on orders and starting some new ones.  I am working my way through a bag of lovely spring yarn and am enjoying the variety.

I have restarted a few times on some fingerless gloves made from this sock yarn from my stash.  sosmar03aA woman that I attend church with is part of a group who make hats for charity but didn’t know what to do with the sock yarn.  She offered a trade for some worsted yarn, I didn’t hesitate and came away with half a dozen balls of great sock yarn.  For the mittens I’m doubling up and that leads me to the multiple starts, I made them too big the first time and too small the second so now for the third it will the perfect size.  One because it is the middle of the two stitch numbers and two I’m not pulling it out again.  It’s a great solution.

sosmar03bI also started the second half of the order for a period reenactor in France.  She wanted a hood and princess scarf.  The hood is done and just needs it’s bow, and the scarf is coming along quickly.  It is taking much less yarn than expected and I will have a couple skeins of each color left over so that will be fun to add to the stash.  I see a shawl or lightweight scarf in the future of the Nature Spun finger weight yarn.  It isn’t super wash so I’ll need to be very careful in care instructions for whoever buys it.  Stay away from washing machines.

In my goal of making a stockpile of spring items I ran to the local craft store and picked up this fun rainbow yarn it is nice and lightweight and knitting up fast. sosmar03c I love, love, love how the colors are turning out they are transitioning.  The stripes are getting skinner as the mini shawl is progressing.  I can’t wait to see how it will be by the time I get to the end.  I grabbed a skein of another color a little darker with purple and green, that should be interesting as well.  The shawl patter calls for the purl ridge every 12 rows and to be honest I don’t keep track very well so there have been a couple times when I didn’t remember until it was well past 12.  Oh well, that’s what makes it interesting and know one will know, well unless they read this and yeah I totally did it on purpose and it isn’t a mistake at all.  🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend and see you Monday!

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