yellow03dI began working my way through that bag of yarn I filled at my local yarn shop on Wednesday, I started with some spring colored Debbie Bliss.  I really do love this stuff, great colors with great stretch.  I tend to not do swatches so I have a complete respect and love for yarn that gives me some give in my projects.


I worked up the 4×2 ribbed fingerless gloves two at a time thinking that will help it go much faster and I won’t get stuck finishing one and then moving on before starting the second.  I did over look the fact that I was doing stripes and therefore would have four lines of yarn to get constantly tangled and spend many a moment unwinding.  I finally got into a rhythm and would untangle ever four rounds, it was long enough that I didn’t feel like I was spending all my time doing it and soon enough that I wouldn’t loose my mind and just cut them all.


Doing the two at a time with the magic loop method does mean that I have a simpler time trying them on as I go.  This seems to be the only way I can actually get them the length I like.  In the past when following patterns, the wrists can be too short or too long.  And don’t get me started on the length up by the fingers that is constantly changing.  Each of my items is one of a kind.

yellow03eI even left off the thumb to make them a bit more “Springy” and not just a winter accessory.  The only problem is that they look really funny, aka not like gloves, when they are not on a hand.  I am going to need to find some fake hands somewhere to use as a display at shows, or use my own hands.


2 thoughts on “Thumbless

  1. You’ve got a good system there! My issue is that I’ll buy the pattern, yarn and all the accoutrements, and the project will sit…forever! The dollies I am working on right now are from a pattern book I purchased 26 years ago. I ended up making the Amish dolls, but I never did the country friends until now!

    • Oh I have projects like that. I have bags of the left over yarn from projects that I just haven’t figured out what to do with. I spend a bit of my time trying to convince my husband that no they don’t need to be gotten rid of.

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