Fresh Air

lys03bI stepped out into the fresh air today what a great thing, and so nice to breath in.  My lunges are thankful after being quarantined in our apartment for five days with the flu.  And where was my first stop? The local yarn shop? Almost, I had to stop by the bank to replace my debit card but then I went to Uncommon Threads our local watering hole for those addicted to yarn.  The bank was a quick stop, they know me, this isn’t the first time I’ve “misplaced” my card.  They are lovely people and got me off to my primary destination with impressive ease.

It is always dangerous and exciting to see all the new yarn they have gotten in and to chat with all the lovely ladies and the occasional gentleman.  They know Zach there, they say he is one of the few who don’t look uncomfortable when walking around trying to look interested.  I’ll have converted and knitting any day now, if I can bribe him away from his toy making.  I am working on some socks for the owner, Lisa, she is willing to pay to have me make them on my machine for her husband  so she can knit the fun stuff for her grand kids.  Luckily she wasn’t there so I didn’t need to apologize for not having them to her yet, I keep forgetting to grab them.

lys03aThey keep the the most dangerous items, the last of the color lot bin, right at the counter too tempt you after you think you are all done.  It gets me every time.  That skein of brown chunky has been tempting me for months but I can’t think up something to make with it.  100% wool and tons of it you would think I could find something Civil War Era to make, but I have yet to find it.  So I just grab around it, today I grabbed some tan and red Cascade 128 Superwash.  I’m thinking about doing a large open/lace hat with them but that will probably change, maybe a cowl, gloves, ect… so many choices.

lys03dI grabbed this shot of their Debbie Bliss yarn display for my mom to drool over, I’m pretty sure this is her favorite yarn.  I don’t blame her, I picked up a couple on sale in the back for some spring fingerless gloves.  I’ll need to keep my eyes open for some more, Mother’s Day is coming up and she could always use some more for her stash.

I made it out of the shop within my budget for myself, and got most of it at some percentage off, I have two weeks to knit all this up for the Jewish Food and Craft Festival that I’ll have a table at.  I have a good friend that has been cooking for the event for the past month, I can’t wait.  She has already told me to stop by the kitchen (insert cunning laugh here) and believe me I will.  I’ve gone in the past to be a spectator and consumer, I’m looking forward to being there to sell and observe.  lys03f


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