Time Running Away

time03aThis is the current condition of our coffee table in the middle of the living room.  This is what it looks like when time runs away, loosing track of time, I could go on but won’t hopefully you get it.  Today I was getting this mailed off and looking for new projects for the show I’m doing next month when I realized I hadn’t actually registered for the show.  After calling to see if they still had room, they did and I am now registered, I thought I should double check the date.  I was thinking this event was at the end of April, but nope it is the first weekend.  This means I have half the time to get things in order and items knit.  I really will be going crazy over the next couple weeks.

time03bI’m not sure how I let this happen, I write things down in my planner, this was even penciled in.  I tend to get caught focusing one one thing at a time and when I have multiple balls in the air something usually gets dropped.  I need to make some more lists, daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists.  Lists are my friends I should make them a more important part of my life.   I can do this, small projects for Spring, that is my mantra.  And I will find time to get my yarn under control so that my husband doesn’t go mad himself.

So I will be signing off and enjoying a night of knitting, Face Off, Ink Master, and Tattoo Nightmares.  Enjoy!


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