Shipping ’em Off

mail01cFirst off I thought I wold tease you with some yarn I picked up for a Saint Patrick’s Day/Irish project.  Isn’t it lovely?  I can’t wait to see how it knits up.  I’m thinking it is going to be nice and stripey.

mail01aIt was a busy weekend I was able to finish up a pile of orders and are now packaged up and ready to go.  They are headed all over the country, I really like the idea that people are going to be enjoying something I made, I love sharing what I love with strangers.  I wonder if I can convince Zach to drop them off for me.  I have managed to misplace my debit card somewhere in the apartment.  I’m sure it is here somewhere and am stubborn about finding it rather than getting a new one.  Zach has reminded me multiple times that I always “misplace” things and that the bank will cut me a new one while I’m there.  Blah, that would mean admitting I lost it and I haven’t it is just in a safe place. Right?

I spent another morning in a doctor’s waiting room while my mother-in-law was getting injected with something that will help with the pain from her herniated disc.  It was a really great time in the room, I finally finished up the gray hat I’ve been carrying around with me for months.  I also made friends with a couple ladies who were waiting for their mothers, the first needed help getting out of York and back home without having to make crazy turns and getting lost.  This was how she described her trip to the doctor, so I pulled out a map app and we discovered that it would only take two right turns to get her to an area she was comfortable navigating.

mail01bShe was a doll and teamed up with the other woman too let me know what I have to look forward to taking care of elderly family members.  I loved their advice, Love them and take lots of notes.  It was a really great experience, each had been caring for family members for more than 25 years and I took the opportunity to ask them all kinds of question.  I’ve been feeling that Zach and I along with our siblings are just starting out the journey of assisting and caring for our aging parents.  We aren’t to the point where they need help all the time but they are needing a ride, help going up the stairs, getting up from the couch, ect.

When these two women were talking about their mothers I could see the love they had for them and that they didn’t regret one bit of caring for those had done so much.  Caring for those you love isn’t a job, it is an honor, to show them the love and appreciation they deserve is something I look forward to.  I know there will be days that are hard for all involved but isn’t that life?  What about you?

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