Still on the Sticks Wash

Attention Rose you are the winner of the mittens, if I don’t hear from you this week I’ll be giving them to the runner up, please email me themadknittershop[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Now down to the fun stuff, this week I’ve gotten quite a few projects done which means I got to start a few more with some new yarn.

I’ve been moving through the stock of cotton yarn I picked up on sale and have had a wash cloth on the needles at all times this week. sosmar02a I change up the color and pattern every once in awhile.   My plan is to make a group of three whose colors look good together, tie them up with a nice ribbon and package them as gifts.  I’ve got some neon, thanks to the 90s fashion comeback, some springy colors and some basic kitchen colors.  Kitchen colors, huh, I think I might have made that up but hopefully you can picture it.  I’ll try to post them as they get finished.  The wonderful thing about small projects is the feeling of accomplishment when you are done, being able to add to the stack is always satisfying.

sosmar02bI stopped by the crazy local yarn shop, verses the organized local yarn shop, to pick up a special order and couldn’t pass up picking out some fun green yarn.  I grabbed a lovely mint green yarn from Araucania, they have listed, alpaca, merino, silk and donegal.  You can imagine how soft this is.  It really does look like mint chocolate chip ice cream which is what I will call the hat that I’ve cast on.  It has smallish ear flaps and I’m planning to add a bit of a pointy elf type top.  It will be kid size, although I’m not against adults wearing fun, elf/pixie hats.  I could get lost in the yarn shop, she has so much to choose from it is a bit crazy, and she is willing to order in anything that I need for orders.  Luckily it is 30 min. away so I don’t spend too much time out there.

I cast on the 220 stitches a week or so again for another Civil War era hood/scarf and it is still moving along nicely.  sosmar02cThe special order I picked up today is for the second half of this order, and will add pink to the white for the next item.  White yarn has a hard time keeping my attention, I will knit a row or two and then move to a second project as an reward.  I don’t understand why it is any different than knitting with another solid color for a full project but apparently I just can’t handle white.  I am also a bit paranoid that I am going to get something on this as I work with it.  I haven’t spilled on anything on any project but spilling on white would be something that the universe would have in store for me.   I just need to get this done and on it’s way to France so I don’t have to worry anymore.


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