TTBfeb01iFirst the important information… Rose you are the winner of the mittens! All I need is your address to send it off please email me at themadknitter(at)  Thanks to all that commented and shared my blog, I really do appreciate it.

Ok now on to the knitting stuff…

I know that one of the biggest pet peeves of my English major friends out there is the incorrect and over use of the word “literally” but as a warning I will be using it today and it will be used correctly, I promise.   I headed to the post office late this afternoon, well a couple of them since the first one was already closed, to mail off the newly finished Doctor Who scarf.  While I was in there I left my phone in the car, here it comes, and literally as I was mailing off one scarf I got a order for another.  So that was a much more exciting story when I was telling it in my head.

literally01bI am on my way off into the internet to purchase yarn, Zach isn’t nearly as excited as I am about that.  I need to restock my Doctor Who yarn supply and order some fun stuff for spring projects.  I’m not sure why it gives me such great joy to browse for yarn.  I always say I have an addicting personality, luckily I don’t drink or smoke and have limited myself to yarn and books.   I think I’m pretty lucky that I was able to find some pretty productive activities to help me relax and escape real life.  I think about all the other options out there that can really be destructive.  A couple years ago I worked on a story where a couple ladies took crocheting to the prison in the area it was wonderful to see how much the guys got into it.  They really enjoyed creating something that was going to be used and loved.  Their self-confidence and self-worth increased by knowing they had a talent that could increase someones life.  I’ve seen many stories in the news since then of many prisons having similar programs that give the projects to hospitals or homeless shelters,  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, teach the world to knit (or crochet) and it would solve so many problems.

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