Still on the Sticks Doctors


Yesterday I drove my mother-in-law to the doctor to get a MRI and had some time to spend in the waiting room.  I feel so bad for her she is in sosmar01dpain and the won’t know what is going on until next week when we head back to hear the results.  While she was back listening to music in the machine I of course was knitting. I’m continuing to work through my stash yarn and I had a couple half skeins of sock yarn so the logical thing to do was to start a hat.  There have been times in waiting rooms that I was joined by others knitting but not today, it was a slow day and mostly elderly men.  I’m not saying they don’t knit but in Central PA they aren’t your traditional knitters.  I was with a friend who was having eye surgery and there were three of us knitting away while we waited.  It was a fun time, we all chatted about what we were working on and who they were for. I love how knitting can bring strangers together.  We should teach the world to knit.

sosmar01bOk I am coming back to reality and here is what I did. I doubled up two strands of self striping finger weight sock yarn but made sure the colors didn’t match up to get the festive stripes rather than a solid stripe.  I also added a cable because as a co-workers son said today it makes it look “fancy”.  They yarn is from KnitPicks where I have a never full basket.  What I mean is  I will add a skein here and there to my box until I get to the free shipping number, why not get free shipping I would rather spend it on yarn.  I also get the yarn for the Doctor Who scarves from here, which leads me to the second half of the Doctor post.

I’m pretty sure I have had a Doctor Who scarf on the needles since September last year.  This is one that I need to finish quick isosmar01et needs to be in the mail next week.  I see a very full Sunday afternoon tomorrow, I wonder if I can convince Zach to let me go all out and have a DW marathon as well.  I really do love making these and have another one waiting for me as soon as the future owner lets me know.  I’m looking for some more knitted items to get ready for a friend going to a ComicCon next fall.  I’m thinking hats and gloves with symbols on them but that can get tricky with copyright issues and I don’t want to get caught up in that.  Any ideas?

Oh and a reminder the current Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight.  Make sure you comment and share This POST for the chance for two entries.  Good Luck to all.


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