A Good Day

Today I had the pleasure to share the obsession a bit more with my friend who just had her third baby girl.  I head to her house regularly to keep her company while her husband is at work and today before he took of we were able to sneak out to our LYS.  They know me by name at Uncommon Threads in York, PA and it is my goal that they know hers as well.  She was picking up some yarn for her next project, Noah’s Ark, well all the animals from the ark.  I don’t have the interest to make little animals but I appreciate the enjoyment, my mom likes to make them as well.  So while she was starting on the monkeys I held her 5 week old baby and started a hat out of sock yarn.  It was a good day.


Now I am sitting at home surrounded by my current Doctor Who Scarf, Girl Scout Cookies (ThinMints of course), and Top Gear.  Top Gear on Netflix is what I turn to when there is good01bnothing on the television that interests me, this happens quite a bit.  I’m not sure how much I will be adding on to the scarf before crashing and falling asleep on the couch, a few inches at least.  I’ll try not to eat more inches than I knit, but no promises.


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