pirate01cYesterday I had the pleasure of taking care of a good friend’s little girl, she is so much fun and goofy, we get along great. She spent most of the time swiping my phone to take pictures most where real close ups of eyes and noses but I love this one of her.  I spent the day pretending I didn’t see her with my camera a knitting a pirate hat.  I had almost a full skein of black and white left over from the 1950s ear warmers and didn’t know what to do with it.  I went through a couple inspirations and settled on the classic black and white strips.   I have plenty left after the first hat so there will be more coming with a variation of stripes, I am also planning on adding some flowers to girlie it up a bit for all the princess pirates out there.

pirate01aMy little helper was entertaining she would pop from one thing to another so quickly, I tried to convince her to try on the hat so I could make sure of the size she was having none of that when I asked but tried to swipe it when I wasn’t looking.  I have a feeling she was getting ideas from Dora and Swiper.  Can you spot the four-year-old?

I did finish up the hat while she was a school and it is ready for the perfect pirate.  I think with the next one I’m going to try skinner stripes and pirate01da bit longer to make it a slouchy hat.  I’m planning on a range of sizes, adult to baby.  I have a good friend having a baby in the next couple month and she had said something about one for each member of the family.  The family who pirates together stays together.   We shall find out.  Oh if you are interested in the hat you can find it HERE.

And a reminder the giveaway for the mittens are open until Sunday night leave a comment or share the original post for and entry do both to double your chance.

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