Still on the Sticks Multiples

sos22feb01bYesterday was Cabin Fever today was Spring Fever, I think mother nature just likes to mess with our heads.  Driving around enjoying the 55+ degree weather was wonderful, but the call for snow tomorrow reminded me that the season for warm knits has not passed.  Zach, I have decided to call him by name rather than “Hubby”, and I went to a science factory with our Cub Scouts which was crazy over stimulating but fun.  The boys had fun and passed some stuff off.  But before we met up with the kiddos we stopped by the Fractured Prune.  If you haven’t heard of it you are missing something great and if there isn’t one by you I am so very sorry.  They make the best donuts. Them cook ’em when you order them and hand dip with any topping combination you can think of, delivered to you fresh and warm.  MMMMM melt in your mouth good.  Don’t they look good?

sos22feb01cAlright on to knitting, breakfast is going to be so good tomorrow, oh sorry back on task.  Let’s see what do I have on my needles this weekend.  To start off I have started to make a pile of wash cloths to package up for a show I am doing in the spring.  I am starting to compile at list of knitted items that people will want to buy in the spring.  The show is the weekend before Easter so there will be bunny and chick hats, which is good for kids but I’m working on the grown up stuff.  What are your favorite spring and summer knitting projects?

I have also started on the next project for my SOS22feb01a“Through the Books” adventure.  I’m not going to give away too many details but as usual I have taken it from double pointed needles and moved it to the magic loop method and two at a time.  I always do two at a time when the choice arises, and those double pointed things cause way to much swearing when I attempt to use them. I’m not sure why I haven’t been able to master them, but I don’t have much patience to learn now that I know the magic loop method.  Guesses are welcome on what is on the needles and I plan on posting the details on Monday along with the next give away so stay close to see what you could win.

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