Cabin Fever

It was a strange day today weather wise still snow on the ground and foggy like you wouldn’t believe, but it was warm.  Well above 40, so yeah warm.  We are getting a little restless and ready for Spring and the start of the Civil War reenacting season.  I love camping and getting away from the world/technology for the weekend is great.  So in honor of our cabin fever here are some civil war period knits from my past, thinking of my future…

sleep02monmouth03sortie03sortcre03hood03  shawl03  sock01 wrap04 wrap06pinkhood

All these items can be found at The Mad Knitter Shop and please excuse the somewhat creepy heads, they are from a beauty school that my hubby used to keep his hat collection.

Oh and I recently switched up the layout for the blog, what do you all think?  It is easier to navigate, or do you miss the photo-centric layout of the old one? Thoughts? Thanks!

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