Trading Off

Today did not start out the way I wanted it to.  I was planning on heading over to a friends house early to take care of her kids because she just had her new baby 2.5 weeks early, they were not ready and her husband couldn’t get off work.  It is all hands on deck.  Well instead of waking up ready to go, I woke up with a migraine, blah.  Calls were made and I went back to sleep.  Once I did wake up, within 5 minutes I had stubbed my pinkie toe jamming it up pretty good and ripping the nail off.  I will spare you photos, but shoes won’t be in my future here for a day or two.

trade01aOnce I stopped swearing and wrapped it up I got down to knitting for the day.   I started off working on yet another one of the Doctor Who scarves and got to the half way mark, yippeee. I love progress.  As a reward for sewing in about a thousand ends (ok it wasn’t really that many but doesn’t it always feel that way) I moved quickly on to wash cloths!  I really enjoy knitting those up, they are easy peasy and I can let my mind go while working trade01con them.  I am switching between watching the Olympics and Under the Gunn, just one of my guilty pleasures.

My hubby is being wonderful and making some grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner and it is smelling wonderful.  I am knitting away in my happy place not worrying about a pattern and going to leave you until tomorrow.


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