1950s A Good Decade

   It was a warmer day today, we were above freezing, there was actually thunder and lightning  when the other half went to work.  By ears01bthe time the afternoon sun was coming through my windows in the living room I was ready for the quick warm up.  I can’t wait for Spring.  I thought it would be a good day to finish up the ear warmers, and you know what?  I did.  The pattern is based on a 1950s style ear warmers that you would tie under the chin.  I really hope that I can get the woman who ordered them to take a picture of her 90 year old mother wearing it.

I ended up liking the darker colors better than the white one, which will not be featured in the post because I sent it off a month ago, but you can check out HERE if you are interested.

I finally got the pattern down eliminating the need to constantly look at ears01cthe pdf on my phone.  It is fairly simple but I would get confused on which row I had just done after 2.5 of these ear warmers I could identify the stitches from two rows below allowing me to ignore the pattern and just go with it.  I think I’m going to try it on a hat so that there isn’t a need for the I-cords.

Thank goodness that these go quickly! ears01aI drop the needle of the stitches more on I-cords than on any other project or pattern ever.  About half way through my hubby stopped asking what was wrong and would just laugh a bit under his breath.  I do love him for the fact that asking would just make the “grrrrrrs” last longer.

Now I’m on to figuring out the Spring line…


3 thoughts on “1950s A Good Decade

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