Lights, Camera, Knit


A few months ago a woman from Alaska sent me a message through Etsy asking if she sent me some yarn could I make a couple of Sortie Caps for her.  I love doing custom orders so I readily agreed, letting her know that I would love to and let her know the amount of yarn to cover the project.

Then came the exciting news.  She let me know that shemovie01j was working on a movie and they were going to use my work. She and the producer wanted to double check if I was comfortable with them crediting me in the movie. Um yeah, sure, I would be ok with that, no biggie.  I have to admit I was not that cool when I read the email, thank goodness it wasn’t a phone call.  I was riding in the car with my husband and let out a little scream, which he reminded me isn’t good to do when in the passenger seat. Whoops, sorry.  Thankfully we didn’t crash and went to get ice cream to celebrate.

movie01cWhen the yarn arrived I was a little nervous about the yarn she sent, the ones up top here I was ok with but then the yarn for the contrasting colors was a different type of yarn.  I am a little obsessive about using the same yarn for a project, unless of course it calls for it or I’m doing a crazy hat/scarf.  Well this is what she sent so it is what I used, and as I went along I really liked how it was looking.  Even the crazy color balls that come out of nowhere in the solid contrast color.

The caps are quick to knit up and my favorite part is dropping the stitches at the end and getting to pull them down.  movie01iNo idea why that is my favorite but I enjoy it!  This adds a bit of length to the finished project and hopefully it will work on the actors’ head, it fits mine.  There are going to be ribbons coming down the sides behind the rosettes, so you can tie it on under the chin.   The ribbons are going to be added later once the dresses are picked out and made so they will match.

I mailed the caps and extra yarn off today since yesterday was President’s Day and I remembered the Post Office was closed when I pulled into the parking lot.  I can’t wait to see them in action.  I have a feeling it will be awhile before the movie comes out since they haven’t started filming, but I’m hoping that I can get some pictures along the way.


I now have a few more of these to get done before the beginning of the Civil War reenacting season kicks off.

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