I Spy

mistake01cI’m fighting with myself about if I really want to rip out rows for a mistake that I’m probably the only one who notices.  My hubby said he can’t see it.  Can you?  I don’t think it is worth pulling it out. This is for a lovely grandmother who won’t see it, I really didn’t think that I’m a perfectionist.  Usually these little things don’t bother me and I tell my students that it isn’t a huge deal either way.  I wonder why it is different this time?

I guess in the big picture it isn’t a huge deal and can’t be noticed.  mistake01bI think I will move on and finish it so I can start something new.  I love starting something new, there are so many hours I have used (not wasted) looking through patterns and yarns.  So many combinations, so little time.  I am looking through the books on my shelf to pick out the next Through the Books project, I am going to go with a springy project.  I need the hope that Spring will be here soon.  They are saying we are going to get another 5 inches of snow tomorrow.  I think I need snow shoes or xcountry skis, I wonder if I can knit them?

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