Still on the Sticks Infinity

It’s Saturday again and this week I was able to wrap up quite a few projects and free up sets of needles.  Which left me with my gray infinity scarf that I slowly progress on.


I’ve finally settled on a basket weave pattern, k5p5 for 6 rows and switch.  A few rows back when I was getting ready to add the new color I noticed something odd that I had never done before on an infinity scarf.  It is twisted!!!  I’m not too worried, well not enough to frog it, it will be twisted around my neck anyway so I have a feeling no one will notice.

This has become the project that I can do a bit here and there on after a long day, I’m planning to add a few more inches tonight watching the Olympics with my hubby, it will be a night of speed with skeleton, alpine skiing, and speedskating.  Onward and upward.


I have a feeling I’ll get to the next color of the Cascade 128 Superwash by the end of the night so I guess I’ll need to find my ball winder, hummm, I wonder where I stashed that…



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