Happy V-day to Me

I have found myself in an unusual place today.  I have no orders that I need to do today, I have recently finished a few of my WIP, and now have the opportunity to start something new.  The question is do I do something for me that I want or do I work on a new item for the shop?

I’ve been wanting to make a Doctor Who scarf for myself for awhile now but thinking about it I don’t know how much I would I really wear it.  I am a fan and would wear it all the time if it just wasn’t so cumbersome, so my solution is Amy’s red scarf.   amy04So I will describe the best I can, you could always go search for it yourself.  From my research, watching the episodes a few more times than I will admit to, there are two red scarves, one is cabled and the other a lighter weigh lacy one.  I want to go with the lacy one, something light weight that I will be able to wear for more than just one season of the year.  I am thinking of a couple patterns

amy01From what I can tell of the scarf she is wearing, it is a vertical lace pattern, with a long leafy pattern. I’m not going to find the exact pattern she is wearing, I’m looking for similar.  This one is the Leaf Lace Scarf and one of my favorites, it seams simple enough and I should be able to memorize the pattern pretty quick.  It will be red of course and a lace to light fingering yarn.  That will depend on what I can find at my LYS.

I’ve also looked at this the Gray Waves Stole. It’s not a leafy lace pattern but there are definitely vertical lines amy02there.  It would also be red and lace/light fingering weight.  I’m almost leaning to this one for something different and it looks like it will lay nicely.  The straight edge at the bottom is pro for me as Amy’s scarf is straight across.   I foresee a trip to the yarn shop in my future this afternoon.  I will keep you updated.

Which one do you like?


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